Dallas Doll


Time Out says

US golf pro Bernhard is invited to enliven an Australian club in suburban Sydney and ends up staying with a nice, normal family. Only the young daughter and the dog are suspicious of her seductive, go-getting character; nevertheless, the family is duly transformed. Bernhard is boringly herself, and Longley's born-again housewife steals the film from her. Occasionally coming on like a satirical update of Theorem, it's neither funny nor frightening; indeed, it's hard to fathom what it's really meant to be about, though its attitude to both America and Japan lay it open to charges of xenophobia (which might, of course, be part of the satire). Oddly unsatisfying.


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Ann Turner
Ann Turner
Sandra Bernhard
Victoria Longley
Frank Gallagher
Jake Blundell
Rose Byrne
Jonathon Leahy
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