Danger – Love at Work

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Uncle Goliath warms his pan of snail soup, the child prodigy rehearses his Ancient Egyptian vocables, while the artist wrestles with his masterwork, 'The Sublimation of the Inanimate': just the average members of your average screwball-comedy family. Haley is the lawyer tasked with getting the signatures of the entire bunch on some McGuffin of a property deed. Preminger, in one of his early assignments, directs efficiently, but with little feeling for screwball form; with hindsight it was hardly his sort of thing. Amiable enough, but, as ever, a little loveable eccentricity goes a very long way.


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

Otto Preminger
James Edward Grant, Ben Markson
Ann Sothern
Jack Haley
Edward Everett Horton
Mary Boland
John Carradine
Walter Catlett
Elisha Cook Jr
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