Dante's Inferno


Time Out says

Despite the rather over-the-top moralising of the finale, which posits a dramatic comeuppance for Tracy, the ambitious and cynical showman who has built himself into a wealthy carnival- and ship-owner by exploiting and manipulating people, this is still a very enjoyable film. Partly for its bizarre, pre-Nightmare Alley Gothic vision of circus life, partly for Tracy's admirably tough performance, and partly for the spectacular insertion of the famous 'hell' sequence (later re-used in Ken Russell's Altered States). The allegory may be banal, the vision pure kitsch, but it's hard to deny the sheer fun of seeing so many scantily-clad extras cavorting wildly amid such architecturally extravagant sets.

By: GA


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Harry Lachman
Philip Klein, Robert Yost
Spencer Tracy
Claire Trevor
Henry B Walthall
Alan Dinehart
Scotty Beckett
Rita Hayworth
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