Dante's Peak

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

The first of 1997's two volcano movies acquits itself well in the spectacle department, but its colourless characters, dwarfed from the outset by a computer-generated peak, finally get lost among the deadly emissions. There's a familiar feel to the film's Jaws-like set-up, with Brosnan's intuitive volcanologist predicting imminent catastrophe while local councillors insist there's no need for panic. As an exercise in disaster-movie logistics, this is on a par with Twister, although the jaw-dropping SFX are far more varied and genuinely terrifying.

By: NF


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Roger Donaldson
Leslie Bohem
Charles Hallahan
Jeremy Foley
Linda Hamilton
Pierce Brosnan
Elizabeth Hoffman
Jamie Renée Smith
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