Dark Summer


Time Out says

The skanking reggae heard over shots of a decaying Liverpool seems promising. Abe and Jess exchange glances over the rubble when Jess starts working for her Dad on site. They're young and in love (we must assume it's that old 'chemistry', since there's little dialogue or emotional build-up), but her Dad is appalled, though whether it's because Abe's black or an employee isn't clear. Jess moves out to be with Abe, which is fine until the heartbreak begins. The five years writer/director Teton spent in advertising do not seem to have given him a grip on the basics of dramatic film-making. A self-financed first feature which fails to take flight.

By: EPe


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Charles Teton
Charles Teton
Joeline Garner Joel
Steve Ako
Chris Darwin
Bernie Deasy
Sylvia Amoo
Wayne Oko
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