Darling Lili

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A commercial failure that was savaged and ridiculed at the time, Darling Lili is a glorious film. Edwards' wedding present to Julie Andrews, it is yet another instalment of his ongoing celebration of innocence as the great virtue of life. To understand the film, a simple enough love/spy story set in World War I, one simply has to accept that love (and jealousy) is more important than winning wars. That done, the seemingly bizarre emotional switches of the film stand revealed as the perfect pivots around which Edwards has carefully constructed one of the most satisfying lyrical films in years.

By: PH


Release details

136 mins

Cast and crew

Blake Edwards
Blake Edwards, William Peter Blatty
Julie Andrews
Rock Hudson
Jeremy Kemp
Lance Percival
Michael Witney
Jacques Marin
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