Dawn of the Dead

Film, Horror
Zombie - Dawn of the dead

Time Out says

The original Dawn of the Dead (1978) was a colourful mix of social commentary, black humour and gory effects work. Romero's cannibalistic zombie hordes, instinctively amassing outside an enormous mall in which a handful of survivors are temporarily holed up, stand in quite nicely for America's all too human consumer capitalists. The remake, from first-time director Snyder (formerly of commercials), keeps much of the gore and loads up on the laughs, but eschews all pretence at cultural criticism in favour of high-octane, almost nonstop action.



Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Zack Snyder
James Gunn
Ving Rhames
Jayne Eastwood
Kevin Zegers
Boyd Banks
Jake Weber
Sarah Polley
Michael Barry
Mekhi Phifer
Lindy Booth
Ty Burrell
RD Reid
Michael Kelly
Inna Korobinka
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