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Once, twice, three times the misery… Swedish writer-director Björn Runge lays the dysfunction on thick here with three unconnected and distinctly downbeat stories – each of them characterised by some good performances and a welcome dose of black humour. There’s Rickard (Jacob Eklund), the sacked surgeon who can’t bear to tell his wife that he’s lost his job and doesn’t have another – a situation made all the more miserable by the fact that his friend and dinner-party guest Mats (Leif Andrée) has won Rickard’s former job and anonymously bought his house. There’s Anita (Ann Petrén), an unhinged divorcée who takes both her ex-husband and his new girlfriend hostage and and threatens them with an electric cattle-prod. And there’s scruffy Anders (Magnus Krepper), a workaholic builder who is employed to brick up the windows of an ageing right-wing couple who have decided to close themselves off from a world they despise. Thankfully, Runge refrains from employing any clunky, colliding narratives (apart from one scene, literally at a crossroads). But he still can’t resist a fanfare of redemption at the film’s close.

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Release details

Release date:
Friday September 16 2005
108 mins

Cast and crew

Björn Runge
Björn Runge
Pernilla August
Jakob Eklund
Ann Petrén
Magnus Krepper
Marie Richardsson
Leif Andrée
Peter Andersson
Sanna Krepper
Ingvar Hirdwall
Marika Lindström
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