Daydream Believer

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Australian schoolgirl Nell (Otto) thinks she is a horse, whinnying her way through conflict until a shrink tells her that 'deep down in all of us, there lurks an animal'. Flash forward. Now an adult, she trades hay for acting and self-help, still communing with horses but reverting to their lingo only during moments of acute stress. There's plenty of that about after she drives into the flash sports-car belonging to Digby (Kemp), one-time London orphan turned wealthy theatrical producer/horse-breeder, who juggles attempts to raise backing for a musical with efforts to find a stallion to impregnate his prize mare. This is where Nell comes in handy: can she get the name of the mare's mate during a session of horse-talk? An involving premise, which sees parental abuse giving rise to Nell's escapism, is wasted on a ludicrous romantic comedy full of signposted jokes and pratfalls.


Release details

86 mins

Cast and crew

Kathy Mueller
Saturday Rosenberg
Miranda Otto
Martin Kemp
Anne Looby
Alister Smart
Gia Carides
Bruce Venables
Howard Vernon
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