Dead and Buried

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Establishing shots of a bleak, colourless Atlantic seaboard fishing town, and the presence of Alien scriptwriter Dan O'Bannon on the credits, combine to make one expect a more adult-aimed variation on Carpenter's The Fog. Unfortunately a series of progressively grisly murders intervenes, suggesting a mere overtime-earner for the chaps at SFX; but after some irritating meanderings, the film picks up momentum and, via a splendidly staged confrontation in a Mabuse-style lab, progresses to a 'surprise' climax which, even if anticipated, must still rank a close second to the false ending of Carrie. Gruesome almost to a fault, but not quite, it emerges as an efficient shocker.


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Gary A Sherman
Ronald Shusett, Dan O'Bannon
James Farentino
Melody Anderson
Jack Albertson
Dennis Redfield
Nancy Locke Hauser
Lisa Blount
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