Deadbeat at Dawn

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Can't say I took to this wanton disarray of guns, guts and splattered brains (at least behind the camera) when I watched it on video - a planned release since scotched by the BBFC, which objects to the film's explicit depiction of nunchakus - so it might be more charitable to quote the box blurb's synopsis: 'Goose (Van Bebber) decides to quit his street gang The Ravens and plans to settle down when he's made enough money selling junk. But other members of The Ravens aren't too hot on his career plans and brutally murder his girlfriend. When rival gang The Spiders hook up with The Ravens in order to pull off a big bank heist, Goose decides to join the action once more. However, his motives are personal and of the violent retribution kind.' The Psychotronic Video Guide calls it 'one of the most downbeat, unpretentious, independent action movies I've seen.' Chas Balun of Deep Red says it 'hits like a jackboot to the nuts'. Fans of The Warriors, Abel Ferrara and inchoate B-movie-making technique might find something of interest.


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Jim Van Bebber
Jim Van Bebber
Paul Harper
Jim Van Bebber
Megan Murphy
Ric Walker
Marc Pitman
Maureen Gentner
Tom Burns
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