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Time Out says

Question: When is a thriller not a thriller? Answer: When it's a Forbes. A jewel thief (Caine) falls in love with the wife (Ralli) of his homosexual accomplice (Portman). She has been mentally scarred by her father's membership of the Gestapo, and her husband, a former French resistance fighter, is buggering a gigolo. And then, bugger moi, it transpires that the wife is also her husband's daughter, and they all commit suicide happily ever after. Replete with a Shirley Bassey theme tune and a 20-minute John Barry guitar concerto to accompany the robbery, this isn't a Freudian Rififi. It's rubbish.

By: ATu


Release details

120 mins

Cast and crew

Bryan Forbes
Bryan Forbes
Vladek Sheybal
Nanette Newman
Michael Caine
Carlos Pierre
Eric Portman
David Buck
Leonard Rossiter
Giovanna Ralli
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