Deadly Weapons


Time Out says

Wishman directs a lady boasting a 73-inch bust, and variously known as Zsa Zsa or Chesty Morgan, in a bizarre softcore sex movie in which she ultimately takes to suffocating mobsters between her mammaries. The whole thing is put together with such amateurishness that it almost seems as though the director is consciously rebelling against every convention of narrative cinema: close-ups of carpets, tracking shots of the sky, technicians weaving in and out of vision. But (just in case you're wondering) it hasn't enough unintentional humour or erotic content to make a visit worthwhile.


Release details

73 mins

Cast and crew

Doris Wishman
JJ Kendall
Zsa Zsa
Harry Reems
Greg Reynolds
Saul Meth
Philip Stahl
Mitchell Fredericks
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