Time Out says

If plot won't knock anyone off their seat, this intimate diary portrait of a young Turkish drug pusher caught between family (his young wife and child), mob patron, cops and the daily grind is a stunning and assured piece of work. Clean, clear and concise, it watches the impassive protagonist's inexorable slide with dramatic restraint, his failure of will punished by some brutally abrupt turns of fate. Hard not to see the influence of Bresson in Arslan's taste for understatement and uninflected imagery - there's the same introspective austerity, if not the same depth of insight The writer/director loves shooting the blank profile of his dark, chiselled lead against moody backdrops of the Berlin streets by night. Very impressive.

By: NB


Release details

74 mins

Cast and crew

Thomas Arslan
Thomas Arslan
Tamer Yigit
Idil Üner
Birol Ünel
Hussi Kutlucan
Lea Stefanel
Baki Davrak
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