Time Out says

Hard to tell whether this account of a day in the life of a drug-dealer is meant to be parodic black comedy (in which case it works but goes on too long) or as straight-faced miserabilism (in which case it’s often quite ludicrously grotesque, portentous and eventful). The Bela Tarr-lite shooting style, with its long, leisurely, fluid takes, is eye-catching, the endlessly repetitive soundtrack leitmotif is certainly original, and if it is comedy, there are some neat deadpan gags. But if it’s intended as some sort of metaphysical reflection on the human condition, it is woefully inadequate and off-key.

By: GA


Release details

135 mins

Cast and crew

Benedek Fliegauf
Felícián Keresztes
Anikó Szigeti
Barbara Thurzó
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