Time Out says

This strangely dated City drama is set, they suggest, in the near future, even though it notches up all those mid-'80s obsessions: need, greed, gratification. Daniel Pascoe (McGann), bad boy of the dealer room, takes insane risks but does nicely, ta very much: lord of the manor lifestyle, seaplane, portable phone, vintage sportscar. We get a glimpse of other values as a sexy girlfriend (Bennett) gives him the shove for being money-driven, though she's soon shown to be as pretentious and self-indulgent as every other character. The top trader has offed himself, and the job's been given to stuck-up, by-the-book Anna (De Mornay, surprisingly convincing). Anna just ain't got that flair, so bad boy and good girl have to cooperate to win back the lost millions. You know the scenario: it's loathe at first sight, but soon they're allies, and she hangs back admiringly while he pulls off the big one. The climax comes in the dealer room as the cast all stare mesmerised at flashing green numbers. The most likeable performance is O'Connor's Robby Barrell, a dire warning of what happens when you stay in the mythic City over the age of 35: coke-snuffing, booze-sloshing, graven with lines, emotionally undisciplined. Poetic, really.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Colin Bucksey
Andrew MacLear
Paul McGann
Rebecca De Mornay
Derrick O'Connor
John Castle
Paul Guilfoyle
Rosalind Bennett
Adrian Dunbar
Nicholas Hewetson
Sara Sugarman
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