Dear Boys


Time Out says

Writer Wolf lures Tiger and Beaver to his country home, ditching Beaver's wrinkled old sugar daddy so that the Pinteresque games can start. Wolf's only currency in the bargain is the fantasies he weaves for Beaver: sweet boys, fast cars, romance. His own fantasy, it seems, is of marrying both boys in church, but he's faced with the same problem as the banished old lover - no one loves an ageing queen. The trio, with the axe-wielding ex- in tow, pass through a series of bizarre tableaux, erotic, humorous, surreal, pathetic, occasionally firing off intellectual squibs. But ultimately Dear Boys hovers unsatisfactorily between contrived wank literature and the inspired narrative conceits of Roeg, Resnais, et al. A gay Providence it is not.


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Paul de Lussanet
Chiem van Houweninge, Paul de Lussanet
Hugo Metsers
Hans Dagelet
Bill van Dijk
Albert Mol
Pleuni Touw
Marina de Graaf
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