Dear Mother, I'm All Right


Time Out says

If Tout va Bien was a movie about industrial relations for a middle class audience, then this is the equivalent movie for workers themselves. Shot with guileless simplicity, it analyses the situation of workers at a West Berlin factory where cutbacks are proposed; a strike is called, but it proves difficult to maintain solidarity. It's seen mainly from the point of view of one 'average' employee, but there are also glimpses of management machinations. The links between general economic policies and such facts of life as workers' problems with accommodation are made absolutely explicit. The approach has the immediacy of a good comic strip, naive in the best, non-patronising sense. It looks exemplary.

By: TR


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Christian Ziewer
Klaus Wiese, Christian Ziewer
Ernest Lenart
Claus Eberth
Nikolaus Dutsch
Kurt Michler
Horst Pinnow
Heinz Herrmann
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