Death Race 2000

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

The perfect example of a 'corporation' movie; dreamed up as a quickie rival to Rollerball, it follows its big brother in playing for bust on its basic concept - here, a coast-to-coast road race in which drivers score points by mowing down pedestrians. It could have been made by anybody; the fact that it was actually produced by Corman and directed by Bartel is so much icing on the cake. Corman's involvement doubtless accounts for the general vigour and the careful attention to exploitation values; Bartel was probably behind most of the quirky incidental humour and the unexpected casting (including Warhol's Chelsea girl Mary Woronov as the driver Calamity Jane). Overall the movie isn't as synchromeshed as it might be; the rivalry between champions Carradine and Stallone isn't very interesting, and some of the gags aren't sick or funny enough. But it's a great audience film.

By: TR


Release details

79 mins

Cast and crew

Paul Bartel
Robert Thom, Charles B Griffith
David Carradine
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