Time Out says

Four years after Now Voyager, Deception resurrects the same team for another grand emotional wallow - the 'woman's picture' at its historical zenith. Here, though, the passions are even more overblown, with Rains, excellent as a mad, bad composer, exerting a Svengali-like influence over Davis, his duplicitous pupil, and Henreid, as the master cellist who needs Rains' new composition to make his reputation but needs Davis even more. As she lies her way out of Rains' clutches and into marriage with Henreid, so the effects of her 'deceptions' become more corrosive. Blazing histrionics in the concert hall, crime passionel in the salon, and outside on the streets of Manhattan it's always raining. CPea.


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Irving Rapper
John Collier, Joseph Tuan
Bette Davis
Claude Rains
Paul Henreid
John Abbott
Benson Fong
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