2 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

2 out of 5 stars
They say a true friend is one who will take you to an anonymous sex group, try to kill you and then steal your identity. Or something like that. Lonely, bespectacled accountant Jonathan (McGregor) needs a pal. Enter raconteur and confidence man Wyatt (Jackman), who introduces Jonathan to women—including the mysterious S (Williams)—and makes him feel like less of a loser. Unfortunately for Jonathan, Wyatt has an agenda, and he’s not getting his buddy sex just because he wants to be a good wingman. The success of thrillers like this one depends heavily on skillfully handled smoke and mirrors, but Deception’s predictable plot turns won’t really deceive anyone

By: Drew Toal



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Cast and crew

Marcel Langenegger
Mark Bomback
Ewan McGregor
Hugh Jackman
Michelle Williams
Andrew Ginsburg
Dante Spinotti
Natasha Henstridge
Charlotte Rampling
Paz de la Huerta
Rachael Taylor
Lisa Gay Hamilton
Maggie Q
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