Deck the Halls

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Steve Finch (Matthew Broderick), organiser of the town’s yearly Winterfest carnival, is the undisputed neighbourhood king of Christmas. That is until Danny DeVito’s Buddy Hall, a Christmas obsessed car salesman, moves in next door. The ensuing competition between the two neighbours to see who can put up the most dazzling decorations climaxes when Buddy orchestrates a live nativity scene in his front garden, complete with donkeys, cows, sheep and an imported camel. When the feud goes too far, the neighbours are forced to reassess why they love Christmas in the first place.



Release details

Release date:
Friday December 1 2006
0 mins

Cast and crew

John Whitesell
Matt Corman, Chris Ord, Don Rhymer
Danny DeVito
Matthew Broderick
Kristen Davis
Kristin Chenoweth
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