Déjà Vu


Time Out says

Engaged for six years to Alex (Brandon), an American importer of objets d'art, Dana (Foyt) is on the brink of marriage when she meets a woman in Israel who tells her of lost love for an American soldier. He gave her a keepsake brooch, which she inadvertently leaves with Dana. In London, Dana falls for painter Sean (Dillane) but nevertheless returns to the US with Alex to continue preparations for the big day. But is her heart still in it? Jaglom's self-absorbed, ad hoc romantic drama written with his partner Foyt, tries embarrassingly hard to conjure up the wistful ways of love with a mixture of mild social comedy and pseudo-philosophical speculation. Matters aren't helped by Foyt's insular, distracted performance. The tone is, thankfully, less acidic than is usual in Jaglom's work; and things are enlivened somewhat by a series of engaging cameos.


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

Henry Jaglom
Victoria Foyt, Henry Jaglom
Stephen Dillane
Victoria Foyt
Vanessa Redgrave
Glynis Barber
Michael Brandon
Rachel Kempson
Anna Massey
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