Film, Comedy

Time Out says

The idea of a writer finding himself within the fictional world he creates (after a bang on the head) is here developed with jokes so obvious they don't need to be made. Candy plays the scriptwriter of an American daytime soap. A fat fool, in reality he's a failure, abused by the soulless producers of Beyond Our Dreams, used by the leading bitch (Samms, who acts as if Dynasty had never been axed), and blind to the only woman worth caring for (Hemingway). In Ashford Falls, the world of his creation, he is transformed into a hero. After an hour of high farce, he finally sees Samms and Hemingway for what they are. His still being able to sit down at the typewriter and play God is used to drive home the moral - which Capra conveyed with far more charm in It's a Wonderful Life - that if you stop trying so hard happiness will find you. Old jokes are piled on top of incomprehensible plot development until you feel truly delirious.

By: CO'S


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Tom Mankiewicz
Lawrence J Cohen, Fred Freeman
John Candy
Mariel Hemingway
Emma Samms
David Rasche
Charles Rocket
Raymond Burr
Dylan Baker
Jerry Orbach
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