Der Bewegte Mann

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Doro (Riemann) catches boyfriend Axel (Schweiger) in flagrante and kicks him out; he winds up sharing a place with gay acquaintance Norbert (Król); but, after learning she's pregnant, she begins to suspect there's something going on between her ex and his new flatmate. By way of proof, she finds Norbert naked in the wardrobe. Preening cross-dresser Walter (Beck) and sad-faced Norbert offer us a choice of gay stereotypes, but director Wortmann has nothing but sympathy for their pangs of lust for the leading man, and even suggests that his desires are a lot less straight and narrow than he'd care to admit. Unfortunately, just when you think the film's turned all liberating and subversive, it wheels on a brazenly throwaway finale and, disappointingly, ends up endorsing the heterosexual coupledom it's been trying to undercut. Billed as the most successful German comedy of all time. Moderately diverting.

By: TJ


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Sönke Wortman
Sönke Wortman
Til Schweiger
Katja Riemann
Joachim Król
Rufus Beck
Antonia Lang
Nico van der Knaap
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