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Time Out says

A documentary which follows one Mike Snell through his decision to leave his job and become a derby skater, incorporating interviews with his family, friends, and team members. The derby itself is a natural for film: violent, colourful, full of great sweeping movements. In practice it seems all but devoid of rules. Everyone very definitely stomps hard on everyone else. Kaylor, formerly a still photographer, makes full use of the sport's spectacular aspects (filming from high up over Madison Square Gardens, for instance, so that the skaters become a blur of colour in a small ring of light), and delights in tracing the rituals that separate the game from the mainstream of life. He also allows people and events to explain themselves; the result is a remarkably lucid exposition of the roller derby at all points (not least its appeal to violent and masochistic instincts).


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Kaylor
Mike Snell
Charlie O'Connell
Butch Snell
Christina Snell
Eddie Krebs
Lydia Gray
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