Deux Anglaises et le Continent


Time Out says

One of Truffaut's most tantalising romances, a discreet ménage à trois involving a French writer of the belle époque and two sisters living on the romantic Welsh coast. It's a tale of art born from emotional sacrifice as - all in love with one another and reluctant to cause hurt - the three withdraw from any final conflict or consummation of their feelings. As such, it's as much about what doesn't happen as about what does, and the form employed by Truffaut and Henri Pierre Roché's source novel (he also wrote Jules et Jim) - a literary narration - is thus entirely appropriate to the film's detached, gently nostalgic mood. Concerned not so much with feelings as with feelings about feelings, the film is simultaneously introspective and passionate, a perfect complement to the artistic era it portrays. Originally released in both Britain and America in a cut version.

By: GA


Release details

132 mins

Cast and crew

François Truffaut
Jean Gruault, François Truffaut
Jean-Pierre Léaud
Kika Markham
Stacy Tendeter
Sylvia Marriott
Philippe Léotard
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