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Time Out says

Comprising b/w stills of several hundred adult penises at rest, this occupies a place between La Jetée (except here, nothing whatever moves) and Yoko Ono's Film No. 4, which filled the screen with bare backsides. On the soundtrack, women's voices (American, Australian, British) discuss such topics as resemblances ('sort of a... duckbilled platypus'), experiences ('this big thing coming at me') and what it might be like to have one ('I'd definitely wank a lot'). Fifty years ago this might have seemed wonderfully liberating for men and women alike. Fifty years ahead it's probably going to seem quite eerie. For the present, if you can find a taped version, try fast forwarding it for a visual experience you probably never expected to have.

By: BBa


Release details

14 mins

Cast and crew

Jo Menell, B Moell
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