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Time Out says

Two Navy pilots testing dirigibles for use in antarctic regions; one crashes, and the other, off to the rescue, covets his wife. Actually, it isn't quite so sappy as it sounds, thanks to good performances and careful pacing, but the triangle still creaks a little in a strangled, peculiarly British way: Wray tires of hubby Graves never being home, since he's always swashbuckling off to risk his neck and keep his name in the news; Holt loves her in quiet, strong-jawed self-abnegation; but he knows where her true love lies, even when she proposes to divorce Graves to marry him, and so bows out gracefully. There's compensation in some fine special effects involving the irresistibly photogenic dirigibles.

By: TM


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Capra
Jo Swerling, Dorothy Howell
Jack Holt
Ralph Graves
Fay Wray
Hobart Bosworth
Clarence Muse
Roscoe Karns
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