Dirty Dancing

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Romance movie: Dirty Dancing

Time Out says

After 2004’s straight-to-DVD sequel, the superior original is re-released, digitally restored, to mark the film’s twentieth anniversary. Aside from making fans feel very old, this is also likely to make them feel just as jubilant and light-footed as they did on first viewing. A 1960s-set wish-fulfillment romance, it sees sheltered teen ‘Baby’ (Jennifer Grey) falling for hunky dancer Johnny (Patrick Swayze) on holiday when she’s conveniently required to replace his dancing partner, who’s pregnant (scandal!).
Naturally, Baby’s parents would disapprove, so their illicit rehearsal sessions must be kept secret. Some of the dialogue is clunky, incidental characters are stereotypical and the set-up is completely unlikely. But this is a fantasy, deftly tapping into the youthful desire to explore the delights of a forbidden world, shine beyond the expectations of parents and lose one’s virginity to Patrick Swayze. OK, so this last point may be of less concern to today’s teen audience but the film’s easy charm, infectious soundtrack and tidy choreography should still win over new fans as well as old.



Release details

Release date:
Friday February 2 2007
96 mins

Cast and crew

Emile Ardolino
Eleanor Bergstein
Jerry Orbach
Jennifer Grey
Jane Bruckner
Patrick Swayze
Cynthia Rhodes
Jack Weston