Dirty Rice


Time Out says

City lad inherits father's rundown rice farm, and with just days to go before the banks close in, he chances on the old man's groundbreaking recipe for rice wine. Documentary maker Mire's first feature may well be an accurate depiction of rural Cajun life, but its quaint little Field of Dreams-style tale unwinds so slowly and with so little dramatic intrigue that you're left longing for something - anything - to inject a little gumbo into the proceedings. Matters aren't helped by an ensemble of mostly bland performances. Fortunately, McGee's evocative soundtrack - a spicey mix of traditional Cajun foot-stompin' tunes and Ry Cooder-esque bottleneck geetar - keeps one tuned through to the predictable coda.

By: DA


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Pat Mire
Pat Mire
Ben Mouton
Myriam Cyr
Gerry McGee
Mary Ann Boudreaux
David Petitjean
Bob Edmundson
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