Disciple of Death

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Words cannot convey the awfulness of this Grand Guignol about a revivified corpse vampirising maidens in 18th century Cornwall. It might well have been made over a weekend. The watchword was obviously one take of everything: people fluff lines and mess up entrances (particularly on the horses, which nobody can ride), and close-ups reveal the gauze holding wigs, beards and eyebrows together. The acting is preposterous, and towards the end, the appearance of a Jewish magician ('Trinity schminity') heralds an irrationally jokey (but quite unfunny) climax which is either an indication that the whole thing is a leg-pull or a last-ditch attempt to pump some life into the proceedings (it's difficult to tell).


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Tom Parkinson
Tom Parkinson, Mike Raven
Mike Raven
Ronald Lacey
Stephen Bradley
Marguerite Hardiman
Virginia Weatherell
Rusty Goff
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