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DigiCom executive Tom Sanders (Douglas) expects a promotion. Instead he gets shafted: first, an old flame, Meredith Johnson (Moore), gets the job, then she attempts to seduce him in the office. He resists her advances, and next day finds himself accused of sexual harassment. When he counter-sues, DigiCom close ranks against him. This slick Michael Crichton adaptation certainly knows its business. It's glossy, suspenseful, and features what - for a mainstream movie - must be the most explicit unconsummated sex scene in years. Screenwriter Paul Attanasio has effectively neutralised Crichton's meretricious sexism with a string of impressive, independent female roles, and a surprisingly sophisticated take on gender discrimination, even if the casting of Douglas and Moore suggests a more reductive reading. Hokey and classy in equal measure, this is better than it ought to be.


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