Disturbing Behavior

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Traumatised by the suicide of his brother, Steve (Marsden) and his family start a new life in the seemingly idyllic small town of Cradle Bay. Steve finds the local high school divided into familiar groups - jocks, geeks, skateboarders, etc - but soon he, sultry Rachel (Holmes) and geeky Gavin (Stahl) uncover a dastardly plot to iron out all the students' differences and turn them into jocks. How this is achieved is never adequately explained in this attempted cash-in on the high school horror cycle. A vaguely offensive cautionary thriller.

By: TH


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

David Nutter
Scott Rosenberg
James Marsden
Katie Holmes
Nick Stahl
Steve Railsback
Bruce Greenwood
William Sadler
Chad E Donella
Ethan Embry
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