Divided We Fall


Time Out says

Czechoslovakia, a summer's day, 1937: three friends travel a deserted road and share a joke. Several years later, their relationship is incontrovertibly altered and their lives reveal in microcosm the destructiveness of war. David, a Jew, escapes from a concentration camp and is sheltered by Josef and his wife Marie in their pantry - while Horst, now a Nazi collaborator, is a dangerously regular visitor. Events take a bizarre turn when the only way of saving themselves is for David to father Marie's child. Like Benigni's Life Is Beautiful, this handsome, well acted and exemplary film allows humour and humanity to commingle with the full horror of war.

By: JFu


Release details

122 mins

Cast and crew

Jan Hrebejk
Petr Jarchovsky
Simona Stasova
Anna Sisková
Boleslav Polívka
Martin Huba
Csongor Kassai
Jirí Pecha
Jaroslav Dusek
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