DOA: Dead or Alive

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Geordie Paul WS Anderson has made a career out of porting popular computer games over to celluloid – none of them any good, mind. This time, however, he’s adopted a production credit and passed the directorial baton to ‘Transporter’ director Corey Yuen. ‘DOA’, the game, is a 3-D beat-’em-up featuring a bevy of athletic, buxom beauties in skintight leotards kicking seven shades out of each other. It’s an ideal vehicle for Yuen, who is a dab hand at filming imaginative hand-to-hand combat sequences.

The game itself is plotless, so some semblance of storyline was required. Three pretty kick-ass chicks are invited to compete in a clandestine martial arts tournament presided over by a smarmy games master. They compete as rivals but soon resort to pooling their resources in an effort to defeat an evil within. It’s all poppycock, but that’s to be expected. Besides, most hormonal lads will only be interested in two things: the wall-to-wall cartoon fisticuffs and the content of the characters’ costumes.

By: Derek Adams



Release details

Release date:
Friday September 15 2006
87 mins

Cast and crew

Cory Yuen
Jaime Pressly
Holly Valance
Sarah Carter
Devon Aoki
Eric Roberts
Natassia Malthe
Matthew Marsden
Brian J White
Collin Chou
Kane Kosugi
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