Doc's Kingdom


Time Out says

James 'Doc' Matter (McIsaac) might be a character from Milestones, Kramer's cinéma-vérité documentary-fiction about '60s activism in the US. Doc finds himself in a shack on the Lisbon waterfront. He's put his time in the political underground behind him, and he's survived (so we're told) a stint in a 'permanent war zone' in Africa and a disease which was never diagnosed. The writer/director, who credits himself simply 'Kramer', as though, like his anti-hero, he's mislaid his personal identity, takes a very long time reaching his point. Jimmy, the son Doc's never seen (he was conceived in the office of a prison chaplain while Doc was doing time), comes from America bringing news of his mother's death. Their meeting settles only that they need never meet again.

By: JPy


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Kramer
Robert Kramer
Paul McIsaac
Vincent Gallo
Ruy Furtado
Cesar Monteiro
Roslyn Payne
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