Doc's Kingdom


Time Out says

James 'Doc' Matter (McIsaac) might be a character from Milestones, Kramer's cinéma-vérité documentary-fiction about '60s activism in the US. Doc finds himself in a shack on the Lisbon waterfront. He's put his time in the political underground behind him, and he's survived (so we're told) a stint in a 'permanent war zone' in Africa and a disease which was never diagnosed. The writer/director, who credits himself simply 'Kramer', as though, like his anti-hero, he's mislaid his personal identity, takes a very long time reaching his point. Jimmy, the son Doc's never seen (he was conceived in the office of a prison chaplain while Doc was doing time), comes from America bringing news of his mother's death. Their meeting settles only that they need never meet again.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Kramer
Robert Kramer
Paul McIsaac
Vincent Gallo
Ruy Furtado
Cesar Monteiro
Roslyn Payne