Dog Eat Dog

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

London lads Rooster, Changarcy, CJ and Jess have dead-end jobs and heady dreams of stardom. In serious debt and never on the A list, they embark on a series of screwy 'get rich quick' scams - and in timid Jess's case, a romance with rich kid Mina. Meanwhile, Rooster has inherited his grandmother's habit of quoting '80s pop lyrics as adages. And, naturally, the trouble just escalates. Writers Moody Shoaibi (also directing) and Tonderai (playing Rooster) share a TV comedy background, and their debut feature basically resembles an extended sitcom. Various cameo roles are fun to spot, although the abundance of minor characters and subplots distracts from the core action. While our heroes are hapless in a winsome kind of way, the baddies they're attempting to outwit are feebly formed: puritanical crime baron Jesus (Kemp in seasonal panto mode) and dubious African porn enthusiast Tunde (Francis). The film's gross-out humour actually smacks of the Farrelly Brothers' sloppy seconds, right down to the compulsory semen gag.

By: AHa


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Moody Shoaibi
Mark Tonderai, Moody Shoaibi
Mark Tonderai
Nathan Constance
David Oyelowo
Alan Davies
Melanie Blatt
Gary Kemp
Geff Francis
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