Domestic Disturbance

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Boat-builder Travolta battles to protect his son Danny (O'Leary) from the machinations of a psychopath masquerading as the his charming new stepfather. 'Rick' (Vaughn) is a stranger in town who has no friends, family or connections with the past, the only (uninvited) guest at his wedding being an embittered weirdo recently released from prison. He's also possessed of a mysteriously earned fortune, which not only enables him to revive the failing local economy, but, more importantly, ingratiate himself with police bigwigs, naturally disinclining them to give a damn when the aforementioned wedding guest is dispatched to an incinerator. The kid has witnessed the murder, but being 'a notorious liar' discovers nobody will believe him. Cue Travolta: 'He doesn't lie to me!' Meanwhile, you're left with these bare mechanics of suspense: stalking behind doors, cut phonelines, a face reflected in the bathroom mirror. To be fair, Travolta isn't all bad in the role of ex-alcoholic, virtual bankrupt, loving father and magnanimous divorcee. But the script mocks his every attempt at sincerity.


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Harold Becker
Lewis Colick
John Travolta
Vince Vaughn
Teri Polo
Matt O'Leary
Steve Buscemi
James Lashly
Rebecca Tilney
Debra Mooney
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