Dominick and Eugene


Time Out says

Pittsburgh trash collector Nicky Luciano (Hulce), dropped on his head as a boy (the truth about that event is held over for a last-reel revelation), is all misguided good intentions, easily led (he runs drugs unknowingly for neighbourhood hoods), and clearly a considerable burden to his brother Gino (Liotta). Constantly having to fend off Nicky's fears of abandonment, Gino also has guilt of his own: Nicky's wages pay for his medical schooling (and his internship will call him to Stanford for two years), while his efforts to have a life and a girlfriend (Curtis) of his own cause irreconcilable jealousy. Coming in the wake of Rain Man, Young's socially-concerned drama is unafraid of tackling complex emotional issues, but what few patronising and hackneyed insights it offers are waved like red flags. Unsophisticated.


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Robert M Young
Alvin Sargent, Corey Blechman
Tom Hulce
Ray Liotta
Jamie Lee Curtis
Todd Graff
Bill Cobbs
David Strathairn
Mimi Cecchini
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