Don't Go Breaking My Heart


Time Out says

Seagrove is a grieving widow and mother of two, whose eldest (Reynolds) is having a hard time at his London school. She and Edwards (an unconventional American sports therapist recently sacked by Christie) get it together and he trains her son for sports day and a finale which passes with barely a flicker of interest. Perfect viewing for those who don't like surprises, this contrives to make heavy weather of the numbingly predictable. Plotwise, Dance is the spanner in the works as a philandering hypno-dentist, and there's an excruciating cameo from Conti in sub-Peter Sellers mode as a loopy Viennese shrink.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Willi Patterson
Geoff Morrow
Anthony Edwards
Jenny Seagrove
Charles Dance
Jane Leeves
Tom Conti
Linford Christie
Ben Reynolds
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