Don't Just Lie There, Say Something!

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Sir William Mainwaring-Brown (Phillips) is the spokesman for a Government anti-porn Bill; Under Secretary Ovis (Rix) is kidnapped, on his way to to be married, by hippies opposed to the legislation; Sir William gets in a muddle with his mistress and his secretary (Lumley, then in bimbo mode); the leader of the Opposition (Royle) turns out to be the grandfather of the leader of the hippies (Katy Manning). Based on a play by Michael Pertwee: farcical political 'sleaze' from the era of Edward Heath - dire and very stagebound.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Bob Kellett
Michael Pertwee
Leslie Phillips
Brian Rix
Joan Sims
Joanna Lumley
Derek Royle
Peter Bland
Katy Manning