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Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead


Time Out says

This isn't just another teen movie. Mom is notable only for her absence, packed off for two months to Australia. That leaves 17-year -old Sue 'Swell' Ellen, her brothers Kenny, Zach and Walter, 6-year-old Melissa, and a little old lady who is clearly some sort of serial babysitter. 'TV rots your brain' she wheezes menacingly, before Kenny's satanic bedroom brings on a coronary. Once the 'sitter' has snuffed it, the kids opt to fend for themselves, and elect Swell as their breadwinner. So far, so predictable. But this is a sassy little comedy of wit and intelligence from the director of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. As Swell, Applegate is appealing and resourceful, while Coogan's dope-head Kenny contributes to a wonderfully dry, on-going marital spoof. Getz is the unctuous boardroom chauvinist to a tee, and Cassidy rounds off the picture's relaxed Cosmo-feminism as Swell's scatty boss.

Release Details

  • Duration:105 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Stephen Herek
  • Screenwriter:Neil Landau, Tara Ison
  • Cast:
    • Christina
    • Applegate
    • Joanna Cassidy
    • John Getz
    • Josh Charles
    • Keith Coogan
    • Concetta Tomei
    • Kimmy Robertson
    • Eda Reiss Merin
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