Dorian Blues

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Apologies to Oscar Wilde: Dorian (McMillian) is a closeted high-school senior saddled with a domineering father (Fletcher), an athletic brother (Coco) and an out-to-lunch mother (Quigley). One night during dinner, Dorian dares to challenge his dad's conservative views, sparking an epiphany: Dorian's as queer as Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares. The first half of the film, set in a nameless suburb, is filled with funny, Solondz-like moments as Dorian suffers through adolescent homophobia. But once he moves to New York, the movie loses its way.

By: RS


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Tennyson Bardwell
Tennyson Bardwell
Michael McMillian
Maureen Quigley
Lea Coco
Austin Basis
Steven C Fletcher
Cody Nickell
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