Film, Comedy

Time Out says

If Harold Robbins had been alive and well in Paris under the German Occupation, he might have produced something like Douce: a story that follows the conflicting passions of a young girl and her governess in a stately Parisian home in 1887. What he would have missed is the delicately detailed charm, the burning class antagonisms, and a handsome young spectre who appears out of nowhere to wreak destruction upon all. In short, it wouldn't be what it is: enchanting. Melancholic melodrama at its best, knocking the soapbox out from under the legs of upperclass landlords, the ambitious bourgeoisie who seek to usurp their position, even Cupid himself.


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Claude Autant-Lara
Jean Aurenche, Pierre Bost
Roger Pigaut
Marguerite Moréno
Madeleine Robinson
Odette Joyeux
Jean Debucourt