Down Periscope

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The Navy doesn't know what to do with Tom Dodge - he's due his own command, but he's such an impulsive maverick, he has more enemies among the top brass than most officers face in wartime. That's how he finds himself at the helm of a rusty diesel-powered submarine that should have been junked decades ago, with a crew of no-hopers to match. His mission impossible: a war game pitting the technology of yesteryear against the nuclear powered might of today's US Navy. Grammer's first major feature after his TV success with Frasier finds him embracing a new persona. Out goes the intellectual cold fish, in comes the intuitive, warm, fun-loving leader of men. The role looks good on him, but it's a shame that he's also jettisoned the sophisticated dry wit which has been his hallmark in favour of a much broader, wetter humour. But what would you expect of a movie directed by Ward and co-written by Hugh (Police Academy) Wilson? The funniest bit plumbs the depths for a silent-running gag which could seriously damage any future submarine picture. The construction is so ramshackle (or the mood so PC) that the film-makers put a woman (Holly) on board, then can't find a thing to do with her.

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