Dr Jekyll and Ms Hyde

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

The old yarn gets a gender-bending twist in this crass comedy (not to be confused with the enjoyably imaginative Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde). Using Victorian journals belonging to his grandfather, perfume developer Richard Jacks (Daly) discovers a formula which transforms him into his female alter ego, Helen Hyde (Young). Suddenly sprouting breasts in public can be a little embarrassing, but there are beneficial side effects: instead of an ineffectual male dork, he/she is now a self-confident, go-getting woman. In a lead role intended for the frenetic Jim Carrey, the anonymous Daly seems trapped in a state of suspended animation. As the ballsy Helen, Young looks a million dollars, but acts like she's being paid loose change. Yves DuBois, a token gay (Fierstein), gets one of the few mildly amusing pieces of comic dialogue: mightily perplexed by his desire for Helen, he exclaims, 'Twenty years in therapy and I start liking girls! That's malpractice.'


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

David F Price
William Davies, Oliver Butler, Tim John, William Osbourne
Harvey Fierstein
Lysette Anthony
Tim Daly
Stephen Tobolowsky
Polly Bergen
Sean Young
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