Dracula 2000

Film, Horror

Time Out says

After stealing a vacuum-sealed coffin from the vault of London antiques dealer Van Helsing (Plummer), American crooks flee by private plane, open the casket, find Count Dracula, and crash land in a Louisiana swamp - just in time for Mardi Gras. Van Helsing has kept himself alive leeching the immortal one's body; the old man's infected bloodline continues with estranged daughter Mary (Waddell), who has erotic nightmares about a tall, dark, swishy stranger. When Van Helsing's assistant Simon (Miller) follows his boss to New Orleans, one half-expects a sexually subversive, blood-soaked gay carnival. Instead, Simon makes the effete Dracula (Butler) suck on some abuse, firing silver stakes from an ancient crossbow, and delivering such arch kiss-off lines as: 'Never, ever fuck with an antiques dealer.'


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Patrick Lussier
Joel Soisson
Jonny Lee Miller
Justine Waddell
Gerard Butler
Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick
Jennifer Esposito
Danny Masterson
Omar Epps
Christopher Plummer
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