Time Out says

Drawn together by mysterious psychic powers, four childhood buddies reunite for a hunting trip in Maine. Snowbound, they chinwag about their absent friend Duddits (Wahlberg) - an endearing idiot savant they once rescued from being fed dogshit by school bullies. In stumbles a frostbitten stranger, whose arse then explodes, unleashing on the world a herd of hungry killer turds. Duddits' revenge? Adaptations of Stephen King novels are often more Pet Sematary than The Shining - but despite King's convoluted original, what's most dispiriting about this awesomely cack-handed crazy salad, is that seasoned screenwriters like Goldman and Kasdan have come up with such sub-Troma schlock.


Release details

134 mins

Cast and crew

Lawrence Kasdan
William Goldman, Lawrence Kasdan
Tom Sizemore
Timothy Olyphant
Damian Lewis
Reece Thompson
Mikey Holekamp
Morgan Freeman
Donnie Wahlberg
Thomas Jane
Jason Lee
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