Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

At eighty, Alice Liddell is met in New York in 1932 by intrusive hacks who thrust a pink nylon bunny in her arms and demand a message for the children of America. Confronted with these alien surroundings, the hoity-toity and terribly British Alice is forced to unbend a little and piece together the fragments of her life. Dennis Potter's screenplay contrasts sassy New York with Alice's recollections, both of an idyllic youth in Oxford with the stammering Dodgson (Holm), and of Carroll's classic dominated by Jim Henson's ferocious puppets. An imaginative tour de force which is more than matched by Millar's direction of his first feature film.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Gavin Millar
Dennis Potter
Coral Browne
Ian Holm
Peter Gallagher
Caris Corfman
Nicola Cowper
Jane Asher
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